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climbing in the tour de franceThere’s never a sport that is awesome 100% of the time. Golf has bunkers. Basketball has suicides. Hockey has, well, all of it. And cycling has hills. I can get behind the whole getting down the hill business (Natalie, you know what I’m talking about). It’s the getting up part that seems to give me problems. Knowing we have this LiveSTRONG ride coming up in August, and knowing how hilly it was last year, and knowing this year there are two more bigguns, I’ve decided I gotta figure this hill thing out. What does one do when doesn’t know an answer? Google.

Climbing to the Top – roadcycling.com

Hills/Climbing Tips – Cycling Performance Tips

Road Climbing Tactics for Non-climbers – howtobefit.com

Turns out I’ve got a few factors working against me (again, the ogre thing), but one big factor working for: I want to be a better climber. Sure it burns, your lungs feel like they’re going to explode, your quads feel like they’re the size of Oprah’s, but it’s gonna be worth it when I kill those hills in August.

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