The Time-Crunched Cyclist

time crunched cyclistLike many of you, my time is limited to train. With an active three year old and another on the way, it’s tough to fit in a workout after a hard day’s work. As a result I scooped up a book by Chris Carmichael (Lance’s trainer) called The Time-Crunched Cyclist and it has made a big difference. The book teaches you how to maximize your workouts if you only have six hours per week to train. I used the workouts and principles (high intensity, low volume) in his book to train for the ride I did back in April and it definitely helped me prepare. All you need is a heart rate monitor (you can get one for $30) and the desire to get in better shape. There are different programs last from 8-11 weeks, so right now is the perfect time to read the book. Feel free to holler if you have any questions.
-Dave P.

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