The “REAL” Agony of Defeat

As a part of my training for the upcoming LIVESTRONG (LS), I signed up for the Lake Norman Excursion (see earlier post). Although I have been doing a bit of riding this year I have not completed any rides over 50+ miles. So what the heck, signing up for a Century ride could only be a good thing for my training schedule. Little did I know I would have bad luck on my side.

Well, long story short and b/c I am still completely bitter about the ride… I had to call the SAG van for support. I guess you could categorize my ride as a ‘DNF’.

However, do you want to know at what mile I called support? AT MILE 90! That’s right, after 6 hours on the bike (literally at hour 6) we decided to take cover due to severe lightning storms. (I could have sworn that lightning struck so close to us; I almost sh*t my pants)  So, we ended up knocking on the door of a random farmhouse to ask them if we could wait it out in their garage (they could not have been nicer)! Of course we thought the storm would pass, but unfortunately it never did. 5 mins, turned into 30 which turned into an hour, then 1.5, then 2. As a group (4 riders from Hickory, NC and myself) we made the decision to call the SAG van, together. It was a hard decision to make but it turned out we made the right one. Riding the last 1o miles in the SAG vehicle was certainly a bummer but I’m glad we were inside instead of out. Lightning was still booming, severe rain fell and fell; not a good scene outside.

Oh well…, I guess this means I will have find another Century ride to do before LS. What would you do?

It could happen to us at LS? Better to be safe than sorry I guess. At least I completed 90!

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