Mount Mitchell Doom (Part 2 of 2)

It was by far the toughest ride in my brief riding career. But yesterday I conquered Mount Mitchell, unsupported. (As a matter of fact we had to flag down a car b/c I ran out of water). Three of us began the climb; two finished. Steady mashing of pedals at 8-9 mph; grades of 10+% were commonplace. This ride was no joke. I’m not one to embellish, but this ride is the REAL DEAL.

Billed as one of the ‘most popular challenge rides in the country’ by Backpacker magazine, the ride was almost 29 miles of pure climbing. I know you’re saying, only 29? That’s it? Well, to give you an idea my actual moving time was 3 hrs, 18 mins. That doesn’t even include breaks. Not funny! (more like pure hell if you really want to know). Admittedly, I was slow but it was well worth it. (My lack of water intake towards the end of the ride induced cramps that literally, cramped my style.)

Regardless, I would highly recommend this ride. But beware, it’s going to hurt; physically and psychologically, perhaps even both. Maybe I’m blowing this way out of proportion, but you can look for yourself:

Mount Mitchell Climb by glbabao at Garmin Connect – Details.

Who is up for the ride for next year? I’d love to do Mitchell with the team. Or maybe I say, I’d love to “try” it again with the team. I’m not sure if i can make it up again. Cheers!

See photos of Mount Mitchell Climb/training ride here>>

P.S. Thanks to both Dominique & Natalie for riding with me! We made it!

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