Your 2011 Wannabe Riders Jersey!

2011 kit

Here you are, team–your 2011 Wannabe Riders Against Cancer jersey!

I interviewed myself to on how I came up with this year’s design. Here’s how it went down:

Me: How did you come up with this year’s design?

Me: It was pretty easy. Our logo should remain the same year over year, and we got a lot of attention last year as the purple team, so I wanted to keep the purple. I decided to slim us down and add a bit of badass, so black became a dominant color. Then I reversed the logo to white, and, voila!

Me: Will it match last year’s bibs?

Me: You betcha. If you have bibs from last year, perfect. If not, black shorts will look great.

Me: I’m pretty stoked. I think the team will look great!

Me: I couldn’t agree more. I hope the team likes it as much as I do!

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The creative genius behind the team, I keep us looking dang good on the road. When not designing logos and websites and such, I wonder to myself why I ever left the flats of Minneapolis for the hills of southeastern PA. Maybe someday we'll get along.

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