White Lake Half-Iron / Kinetic Half

A few us have taken on the half-iron challenge this upcoming May: White Lake Half in NC and Kinetic Half in Virginia. Want to join us?

I’m training like crazy. Or at least I think I am. I ran 10 miles yesterday with my buddy John (new to Wannabe Riders) and although the run was slow going I felt good. More importantly, I’ve fully recovered. As a matter of fact, I did 1900 yards in the pool today.

Back to training tomorrow! I will say that I’m doing a much better job sticking with my training schedule compared to my first half-iron last august. I’m finding that my body is recovering much quicker this time around. I’d like to think that I am training hard, but who knows?

What’s important is that I am having fun! I’m training to stay average!



2012 White Lake Half Iron


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