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Hello healthy people!

I hope this message finds you in good spirits, good health, and also a little sore from all the training you’ve been doing! For those that know, I am currently training for the Livestrong Challenge. (100 mile cycling event)  Livestrong will always be an event that I will support and I encourage you to do the event one day. Regardless, I always look forward to seeing you on the bike or on a run or even for a hike in the mountains.

I want to take this time to make an announcement regarding Wannabe Riders Against Cancer. As you may or may not know, Wannabe Riders was a team founded by myself and a good friend of mine, Natalie, four years ago. Since both of us have been affected by cancer in some way (as I’m sure many of you have been), we both made the decision to dedicate ourselves to a healthy lifestyle. As a result, all of us are beneficiaries.

In the first year of Wannabe Riders, a lot of us took to the bike for the first time. I know for me, that first LiveStrong 70 mile ride was the hardest thing I had ever done. Looking back on it now, we’ve come so far, as a team, and grown. Even though you may not have participated in Livestrong, I give all of you a lot of credit for dedicating yourselves to the same cause that both Natalie and I began. The result of that dedication, and support, is how we are able to make this announcement.

We are in the final throes of creating my own non-profit, Wannabe Cancer Free. Our new website will be wannabcancerfree.org. We are really proud of the identity we built as “team purple”, and so will carry that through to the new team. However, we are no longer just cyclists anymore. The past two years we have had great support from runners, some of us have begun competing in triathlons, and some of us are even swimming (ME!). In order to welcome all you healthy people out there, and support the growth of the team, we are branching out into a bike division, a run, division, and a tri division. We will have separate areas of the website dedicated to each. Attached to this email is the look of your new bike kits, as well as the discipline specific logos. They do a great job of honoring our history as a team, as well as accommodating the future growth. As volunteers, these things take some time to develop, but look forward to an enhanced website, the new kits, designs for individual disciplines, and hopefully even a dedicated bike racing team in PA. Exciting stuff!

In support of the run, this fall/winter, I will be hosting the Wannabe Cancer Free ACC 5K and Fun Run in Charlotte. We’re hoping this event raises not only awareness for adenoid cystic carcinoma, but also some funding to help support the development of the non-profit. If you are able to attend the event, it should be a great time.

While we’re on the topic of development of the non-profit, we’re going to be putting some structure around what it means to be a member of Wannabe Cancer Free and don the attire. We are still finalizing the language, but we would like each of you, and each new member, to take a pledge. What we do as part of this team is not only raise money to fight against cancer, but, perhaps more importantly, we have committed ourselves to a healthy lifestyle, doing whatever we can to prevent cancer. We all know the fate of cancer is sometimes unavoidable, but things like not smoking, engaging in physical activity, living a healthy lifestyle, etc., are all things we can do to reduce the risk of cancer. As we nail down this pledge, look for our request to have you commit yourselves to this lifestyle and echo the sentiments of Wannabe Cancer Free wherever you go.

We have all been affected by cancer in some way, and the core values of this team will never change. We can thank each other for the commitment we have shown so far, and it’s because of you that we can grow and evolve, helping more people join our cause and realize the benefits of healthy activity.

More to come… Thank you for listening and supporting us!



PS Check out the 2012 cycling kits here.

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