About Us

We are Wannabe Cancer Free!

Don’t let our the name fool you. Wannabe Cancer Free (WCF), consists of cyclists, runners and triathletes and crazy outdoor enthusiasts participating in many different disciplines.

My name is Gerald and in 2008, I was diagnosed with a rare form of head and neck cancer called Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma. It was a wake-up call. I have always been physically active, but looking back, maybe I was not as active as I thought. Regardless, my diagnosis, prompted me to become more engaged with sports I never thought I would do: cycling, running and swimming.

But more importantly, I felt that I needed to do more to raise awareness for cancer through active lifestyle events. One result is Wannabe Cancer Free. Formed in 2009, WCF trained to participate in the LIVESTRONG Philly challenge in August of 2009. In just our first year, the 11 member team raised over $15,000 for LiveSTRONG and the fight against cancer. As a bonus, our jersey was chosen as a finalist for the jersey design competition! It’s been validated: Not only do we ride with pride, but we ride with style.

Since then, we’ve complete three more LIVESTRONG Challenge events raising over $50,000 for cancer awareness as a team of “wannabe” riders.

But now WCF wants to raise money for an illness that hits closer to home. My home. How am I going to do it? With a 5K of my own. Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma and rare cancers like it struggle to find the funding it deserves. So if I can help you find a reason to stay active and motivated by running or walking a 5k course, please know that you are also helping to find a cure for a cancer that never goes in to remission.

So come join us for the 2013 Annual Wannabe Cancer Free 5K. This second annual family friendly run will be held on December 7, 2013, at Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, NC. I hope you can join us either in person or in spirit.

Click here to read a recent article about me in The Charlotte Observer (October 2013).

Although we started off as cyclists, we are now crazily venturing into 5k’s, 10k’s half-marathons, marathons, olympic, half/full iron triathlons and trail events. You name it, we are doing it! The team continues to grow and evolve, always welcoming new members who are committed to being healthy and kicking cancer’s ass.

Again, if you would like to join us, or make a donation supporting our 5K click here. Help us fight cancer today!


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