Another Note from Lance

Note from Lance. Courtesy of my cousin, Ashley, who met Lance in her hometown of Aspen, CO.

This afternoon I was met at the door by Fedex with an unexpected package. Upon looking at the box I noticed it was from my cousin who lives in Aspen. What did I do to deserve this, I thought?

Clueless, I opened it up and discovered that it was Lance’s new book, Comeback 2.0, which is a collection of photos detailing Lance’s comeback to the cycling world beginning in 2.0. Right away, I was excited about the book since I had browsed through it at a local bookstore over the Thanksgiving break. However, what made the book/present even more special was the handwritten note from my cousin that accompanied the book.

Her gesture was very thoughtful and heartwarming and more importantly, very moving. So much so that I literally stood speechless, while Christy read it aloud.

I am going to re-write her note to you, the readers (hopefully she won’t mind):

[note: Larry is my middle name]

Dear Larry & family,

Merry Christmas! I hope this season is treating you well. Aspen is snowing and crowded as always this time of year but it’s always fun.

So… Lance was signing his new book at the only bookstore in town. It was limited to 200 books + signings & they were shipping people through pretty quickly. However, I had some pages of your blog printed out & I gave them to Lance and told him how you were a survivor who done an amazing ride for LIVESTRONG, raising $15,000. He asked me if he could keep your blog pages to read and he said ‘Please tell him I said Thank You!’

Larry, I am so proud of you and i thought someone like Lance Armstrong should definitely know about your feats.


“Are you kidding, me?” is what I first told Christy after she finished reading the note. “What a very nice thing to do,” I said. Of course I already finished the “picture” book. The images captured are phenomenal. The gift was perfect!

So I say THANK YOU, Ashley. You caught me by surprise; you made our weekend an even better one. A prime example of an unselfish act. I am sure that you are a Lance fan too so I only hope that you were able to get a book of your own.

So I guess that means you are going to do LS 2010 with us in August?

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.