American Classic: Hurricane

Daddy’s got a new set of wheels.

So let’s be honest: I’m not the ideal body type for cycling. The length of my legs prevent me from riding on roller coasters. I can’t buy normal length shirts (yet I continue to read GQ for style useless style advice). Lifting weights is a hobby of mine. And I like big beers. The combo package here is what I’ve come to learn the cycling community calls a clydesdale.

american classic hurricaneWhile out on one of my lunch time rides a few weeks ago, I was ten miles out, pumping pretty hard, and TWANG. Busted a spoke. For those of you who have never done it, it sucks. You hear it first, feel it second, and are SOL third. My rims have a low spoke count so things expanded, locked up, end of story. This is why I carry a cell phone while I ride.

Back at home I started doing my research. Turns out the wheels I had didn’t fare so well with guys like me. I’ve got high hopes for this summer, and beyond, as far as riding goes, and I didn’t want to be replacing spokes at the shop during my lunch time rides. After much learning, reading, and budget checking, I landed on the Hurricane wheelset by American Classic.

Either the shop was good at lying, or they really thought these things were sweet. Inevitably, I had high expectations, and when I went out for my ride on Saturday I was preparing myself for the letdown. Well, that never happened. Instantly I thought, this must be what it’s like to ride in a Bentley. So smooth. The glide is so nice, like butta. Power transfer is great, turns are great, everything is just, great.

They say the first and best upgrade you can make to your bike is to throw on a new set of wheels. I can see why. The ride difference is hugely noticeable. And dammit, they look good too.