White Lake Half-Iron / Kinetic Half

A few us have taken on the half-iron challenge this upcoming May: White Lake Half in NC and Kinetic Half in Virginia. Want to join us?

I’m training like crazy. Or at least I think I am. I ran 10 miles yesterday with my buddy John (new to Wannabe Riders) and although the run was slow going I felt good. More importantly, I’ve fully recovered. As a matter of fact, I did 1900 yards in the pool today.

Back to training tomorrow! I will say that I’m doing a much better job sticking with my training schedule compared to my first half-iron last august. I’m finding that my body is recovering much quicker this time around. I’d like to think that I am training hard, but who knows?

What’s important is that I am having fun! I’m training to stay average!



2012 White Lake Half Iron


I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

I made the Charlotte Observer this past week as part of a story on sprint triathlons. Meanwhile, the story also appeared in print, front page of the Health & Family section.Yes, my last name is spelled wrong on a number of occasions but its the intent of the story that counts, right?

Anyhow, you can view the story in its entirety here. The story also ran online in the Raleigh News & Observer as well.

I am happy to provide signed copies of you so desire. Seriously? I was humbled by the experience.

Thank you to Joe and my local YMCA for coming up with the idea to write the story.

The author, Joe Miller, writes about fitness and the outdoors. For more on training for a sprint triathlon, as well as other fitness topics visit his blog at GetGoingNC.com.


Kick me in the gut core workout

I just completed (“completed” in the sense that I attempted every exercise at least once) this core workout from Beginner Triathlete. I thought I’d take you through my mindset throughout:

Exercise 1: Standard crunch – I’ve done crunches since I was 6. Is this even worth my time? [eight crunches in] Those wings were probably a bad idea. [six crunches in, third set] I think a shotgun just backfired in my belly.

Exercise 2: Knee up crunches – I hope by saying “keep the small of your back against the floor” they mean everything except my neck, cuz that’s all that’s up.

Exercise 3: Hip lifts – Nope, no lifting here. Just swinging. And why the f*ck can’t I straighten my legs?

Exercise 4: Oblique crunches – Either I have some bomber obliques or I’m doing this wrong. Chances are I’m doing this wrong.

Exercise 5: Side plank dips – Up until this point I had done 3 sets of ten each. Halfway through the first set of this one, I got up and checked the site thinking I read it incorrectly. It’s not clear, and there’s no way in hell I can do three sets of these, so one set of 15 it is.

Exercise 6: Oblique leg extensions – I’m warm now, feeling good. [also thinking the guy on the website has ridiculously short shorts – half expecting a nut to go AWOL]

Exercise 7: Supermans – I can actually do all of these, and it feels like it’s doing some good rather than pain. Progress.

Exercise 8: Bridged leg lifts – My elbows hurt.

Exercise 9: Pushups – Not like benching at all, really. Shit.

Exercise 10: Heel touches – Why are my heels so goddamn far away? Why are my arms so short? I imagine myself looking like an upside down turtle, helplessly waving my arms.

Exercise 11: Bicycle crunches – I got through six. Stanza licked my face – broke my concentration. Her fault. No way I’m doing another set.

Exercise 12: Half up twists – 6 complete reps in and I’m grunting, moaning, and Stanza looks considerably concerned. I flop to the floor after eight, my stomach is heaving, and then it sets in: I’m a fat bastard.

So kids, have fun with this core workout. The guy says it’ll help swimming, biking and running. So far all I have is a sore lower back and a bruised ego.

See the full workout

P.S. Seriously, the guy’s shorts are way too short.